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Chapter 2. Preparation Suggestions

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HAIR -  Is this the style you want to be seen in for several years to come?  If you are happy with your current style don’t change it, but if not, now might be the time for an updated look.

FACE -  Definitely use makeup, but avoid a “heavy” look. If you don’t normally use makeup, consider having it applied professionally for your photo.  

CLOTHING -  Formal or informal?  Ask your marketing professional what they want.  Remember that if it is full length, your feet will show too. 

Conservative styles that fit well will stay in style longer and are 
not visually distracting.  “You” are the message, not what you have on.  However, if you are wearing a dark suit, a blouse with some color brightens up your photo.

Consider whether you will need to coordinate with the rest on a group photo. For example, one woman in a light suit may look odd if the rest of the group wears dark suits.  If everyone else is wearing suits and you wear a sweater, you may look less professional.

Even for a bio photo, many companies want the individual head shots to have a consistent look.


HAIR -  Do you need a hair cut?  Some say to have it done one week in advance if possible, or just a slight trim might be in order.  We can Photoshop “fly away” hair but cannot correct for a major cut.

FACE -  If you get a 5 o’clock shadow at 10 in the morning, you might consider shaving before you come in.  Also remember that you might have the same problem later in the day. Beards show up more in photos than you think, and do not correct very well in Photoshop.

CLOTHING -  Formal or informal?  Ask your marketing professional what they want.  Remember that if it is full length, your feet will show too. 

Your shirt and suit must fit well and not look as though you slept 
in them overnight.  Your tie should be tied correctly and fit the style of shirt.  The tie is in the middle of the picture and if it is not tied well, it will look sloppy.  There is no fix for a suit that is too tight or loose. Your shirt should be ironed.  If the photo is late in the day, please bring a clean shirt if you will not be wearing a suit jacket.  If the photo is to be taken without a jacket, your shirt needs to appear freshly ironed.  Wrinkles are noticeable in a photograph and are almost impossible to Photoshop out completely.