Pittsburgh business and corporate photographer, David Barker, serves many of the firms and corporations in downtown Pittsburgh and the tri-state area.
Whether headshots, events, or professional business portraits, David Barker Photography can serve all of your portrait and photography needs in studio or on location.
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For a professional headshot, how should I tie my tie?

There are many ways to tie the knot,  but as a general rule, the shirt should not show above the tie and  it should be even and not to one side. It should form a triangle.  While the photo is not about the tie, remember that the knot is in the direct center of the photo and if it looks sloppy, it will make you look sloppy.  If you don't tie the tie often, it is better that I tie it for you.  In addition, the shirt sould fit well.  If the shirt is a little big or too small, that too will affect how the tie will look.