Pittsburgh business and corporate photographer, David Barker, serves many of the firms and corporations in downtown Pittsburgh and the tri-state area.
Whether headshots, events, or professional business portraits, David Barker Photography can serve all of your portrait and photography needs in studio or on location.
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We would like to introduce to you our professionals in Pittsburgh who are "on the move". Whether it is a promotion, new job opportunity or winning an election, our hats are off to them.
Congratulations for your hard work and helping Pittsburgh to also keep "on the move"!

#2 Choose the right photographer

There are many good photographers available who are true artists. However, there are perhaps hundreds of photographic fields. While many like exploring all of the different fields, and may need the work, it is unrealistic to expect them to be an expert in what you need. For example, some photographers are best at working with children and babies, or weddings, but working with corporations and law firms is not the same. Someone who does boudoir photography might not be the one to photograph your CEO.

I would suggest visiting the studio and interview the photographer. See what their speciality is. What is your impression of the studio and the examples? What will the photographer be like to work with? Some photographers are really good with the camera, but may lack in people skills. Get references.  While pricing is always an important issue, an extra amount of research can pay off in the long run.