Pittsburgh business and corporate photographer, David Barker, serves many of the firms and corporations in downtown Pittsburgh and the tri-state area.
Whether headshots, events, or professional business portraits, David Barker Photography can serve all of your portrait and photography needs in studio or on location.
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We would like to introduce to you our professionals in Pittsburgh who are "on the move". Whether it is a promotion, new job opportunity or winning an election, our hats are off to them.
Congratulations for your hard work and helping Pittsburgh to also keep "on the move"!

How should I prepare?

To prepare for a business portrait,  you might want to keep in mind some of the following:

For guys:
     Do I need a haircut?
     Should I shave before I come in?
     Does my suit fit well?  If not it will gather, look sloppy or you will "swim" in it if it is too big.
     If this is possible, I would suggest that you can go over to the men's department and they may lend you a jacket that will fit perfect.
     Is my shirt ironed?  If it is wrinkled there is little the photographer can do.  If you are not wearing a jacket, consider even bringing a fresh shirt to the session and putting it on then.
     Is my tie properly tied?  If the shirt shows too much above it, it will look sloppy.  If it is crooked, it will look odd.  I will be glad to tie it if you would like.
     How about tie, shirt or suit style?  As a general rule, the more traditional, or conservative, the longer it will take to go out of style.

For ladies:
     How does my hair style look?  Would it be good if I got it done before?
     Business attire normally works the best, but it is really up to the impression you want to make.
     You seldom go wrong with a suit jacket.  Should the shirt collar be tucked in or out?  That is up to you. 
      If your jacket has shoulder pads, it might make your shoulders look really huge in the photo. Just check it out before you come in.  Remember that we look heavier in the photo anyway.
      How is the make-up?  Some will have make-up done before they come in.  The first floor at times will assist in the cosmetic counters.  Avoid heavy make-up that will not look natural.
     As with the men, clothing should fit well, look professional and not look as though they need ironed.